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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Just completed Forsaken Souls II; a sequel of True Fear Forsaken Souls I, which I reviewed last week. The game is a huge improvement from its prequel! I didn’t expect to like it this much but I was really blown away. The story took its steady time to unfold and so much has happened since FSI. New characters, new events, and new leads. I love how things are not rushed and the… Read More

Our new addition to the escape room series is the Escape Hunt franchise company. I probably passed it a dozen times and didn’t realize it was an escape room company. Located on the first floor of the Al-Bida’a restaurant strip. According to their brochure and website there are 3 rooms available only: Mystery of the Silk Cottage, Steel Mill Meltdown, and The Elemental Dragon. When we got there; however, we were told… Read More

If there’s one thing I’ve always wanted to do it’s to go into an escape room alone. I guess I was curious to see how far I could reach on my own since a big part of solving these rooms depends on cooperation and team play. One day I finished my workout at the gym and I was on my way home when I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to just do it…. Read More

We pretty much finished all escape rooms from Escapeland. The only one left was The Crypt which we got to play recently. We usually go in as a big group (7 players in total) but this time we were only three. It was most fitting to be honest since the room was less challenging the others. The story goes that there’s a vampire hidden somewhere inside the crypt. Many adventurers before you… Read More

This game is part one of a trilogy, two of which are released and the third still in development. The game begins with the lead character Holly receiving a letter from her sister, whom she hasn’t seen in ten years. The letter informs Holly to visit a house in order to unravel the truth about their family. Shocked and elated at the same time, Holly makes her way immediately to the given… Read More